Yarn manufacturing software is designed to manage complete accounting with inventory management. We have put our lots of effort to analyze the complete business and developed the software.

Purchase Order Management
Yarn Inward
  • Purchase Challan Module
  • Import Item details from Excel Sheet
Issue Management
  • Yarn Issue to machine
  • Oil Issue to Machine
  • General Item Issue to Machine
  • Bottom Issue to Machine
Yarn Production
  • Direct to Cheese Option for Speedy entry in Production module.
  • Weighing scalelinking with production entry
  • Barcode Management in Production & Sales Invoice.
  • Bulk Productions for Export production.
  • Pallet Wise Productions
  • Plant wise Production
  • Blocking Back Date Production
  • Shade wise Production
Sales Order Management
  • Group wise or Partywise Order generation
  • Party’s Dr/Cr Limit Checking on Order Generation
  • Order dispatch scheduling
  • Delivery Party and multiple address Management
  • Delivery planning
  • Auto Closing Of Order While Generation Of Bill
  • Sales Order Generation Based on Party Ledger Balance.
  • Bulk Quantity Discount Provision
  • Spool Management
Delivery Order Management
  • Delivery Oder Planning for multiple firms
  • Delivery planning
  • Sales Order Adjustment in DO
Dispatch Management
  • Sales Challan Cum Bill Module
  • Sales Challan Generation With/Without Carton Detail.
  • Multi Challan Adjustment in Bill
  • Party’s Dr/Cr Limit Checking on Bill Generation
  • Auto Closing Of Order While Generation Of Bill
  • Sales Or der and Sales Challan linking in invoice
Gate Pass Management
  • Manual Gate pass
  • Gate pass generation using outward modules( Sales Challan, repair Issue, etc… )
Advanced Features
  • Interest Calculations On Receiving Payment
  • Jobwork Managements
  • Excise Management
  • Export Management With Export Documents
  • SMS Sending From Sauda, Challan, Sauda Closing or Gate Pass Module.
  • Emailing Reports
  • Deleting & Locking Restricted In Back Date
  • Brokerage & Short-Excess Payment Management
  • Data Transfer From Various Location Using FTP
  • Collection Person wise Outstanding
  • POY/Crimped Yarn Stock Management
  • Cops/Pallet Carton Wise Stock Management
  • Complete Inventory Management at each process.

And many more…